Freedom is the fuel for creativity

Have you read Tim Ferris book “Tribe of Mentors”? It´s an amazing book and today I want to talk about it. Imagine that you´ve got the opportunity to have a beer or coffee with one of the most experienced persons in the world, and you can ask him/her all kinds of questions, for life advice or whatever you want.

Ok, so you can have this just by reading this tremendous book, it´s an easy-to-read book and you can go through it depending on your personal interests, not in any specific order. It changed my life, no joke.
That´s all I would like to say because I want you to buy it and read it.

What I am sharing right now is just a fragment of Tim´s interview to @mrmoneymustache, which is one of my favorites. Try hard to understand my handwriting and you´ll be delighted with some good life advice.

I hope you enjoy it.

Published by Sergio Reza

My name is Sergio Reza and I’m a 30-year-old architect/photographer from the Riviera Maya living in Austin, Texas. I find through photography a showcase for creativity and I design my life in accordance to my personal goals and beliefs For me, time is the most valuable thing in life, that’s why I divide it between architecture and photography trying to achieve the perfect equilibrium. My images reflect my personality and oscillate topics like architecture, street, and portrait. I find inspiration in music, books, travel, friends and everyday life. I’m always looking for collaborations with interesting people, feel free to contact me so we can meet and have a nice conversation.

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