years of photos

Last year I decided to use my flickr account as a showcase of my personal life. The idea is to keep it simple until the new year comes around, and then upload the pictures I took the previous year. In the meantime I spend time adding them to interesting groups and creating galleries/albums, just playing with them basically.

2020 is the first year and It took me the first 4 months going through all the pictures of 2019, If you´re interested to what my life looked like last year jump over my profile and take a moment to look at my photostream. You’ll find everything from random street photography to architecture and portrait.

Photograpy posts

I’m going to start posting more about my photography. Some posts will be about a single image, to tell it’s story, others will be about a series. In all of them you will see some of my favorite picks. Most of them will never be published on my other channels.

Like always, feel free to share and comment.

Published by Sergio Reza

My name is Sergio Reza and I’m a 30-year-old architect/photographer from the Riviera Maya living in Austin, Texas. I find through photography a showcase for creativity and I design my life in accordance to my personal goals and beliefs For me, time is the most valuable thing in life, that’s why I divide it between architecture and photography trying to achieve the perfect equilibrium. My images reflect my personality and oscillate topics like architecture, street, and portrait. I find inspiration in music, books, travel, friends and everyday life. I’m always looking for collaborations with interesting people, feel free to contact me so we can meet and have a nice conversation.

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