Assorted Landmines

In my country, lots of men grow up with the belief that women are cattle. “I married her,” they say. “She’s my possession.” Are these men to blame? Get ready for a shock: They aren’t. Just as many Americans are not to blame for the way they view Russians. Their glasses or perceptions simply haveContinue reading “Assorted Landmines”

A changed person

Today I’m sharing and extract of Anthony De Mello’s book “Awareness” that I’ve found liberating. This book is really a great piece of theraphy and advice to undestand and enjoy life on a day-to-day basis. There is too much distraction in the current society about how we should think about others or ourselves. As youContinue reading “A changed person”

Isn’t that a paradox?

Today I want to share a paragraph of the book I’m currently reading. Its name is “Awareness. The perils and opportunities of reality” by Anthony De Mello. I recommend this book because it helps see life in a different way leaving behind stereotypes and strong social biases. About anxiety and depression… Isn’t that a paradox?Continue reading “Isn’t that a paradox?”

Reducing the time spent on texting apps

As a general announcement. I´m cutting the time I spend on text apps a little bit. I´ll eventually see all messages, and I´ll answer them soon. So, don´t feel bad or get angry just because I see your message and don´t reply in the moment. This is helping me to focus on other things andContinue reading “Reducing the time spent on texting apps”

El éxito como estilo de vida

¿Tú crees que el éxito pueda estar sobre evaluado? Hoy en día parece ser que lo está. En la web vemos miles de publicaciones con pasos para obtenerlo. ¿Éxito según quién? ¿Cuál es la definición de éxito para ti? Personalmente pienso que cada quién crea su propia definición, para mí éxito es sentirte bien contigoContinue reading “El éxito como estilo de vida”

Why does nobody tell you you´re right?

Have you ever noticed that in general people very few times tell you that you´re doing good in the tasks they have asked you to do? Why does nobody tell you that you´re doing the things right? People always ask you to achieve perfection, to do everything in the right manner, at the right time,Continue reading “Why does nobody tell you you´re right?”