A good instagram account to check out

The more I post the more I realize I write more about photography and less about life. Since this website and blog is an experiment, I will follow my gut and keep doing it that way. We will see if in the future things remain the same.

In today’s post I would like to recommend an Instagram account that I have been following since I live in Austin.

For those interested in geometry and where to find it in the everyday world, @in.full.circle is a must to follow. Managed by Juan Miró, founding partner at Miró Rivera Architects, this account is a collection of his encounters with circles throughout his life.

Each post consists of several images and a text of the source, origin, or history of that post. The interesting thing here is that the more you scroll down the feed, the more you realize how common are the circles in our lives. Images range from architecture to nature, sculpture, and paintings.

I have even provided some images to the project, so make a guess and let me know if you can find them.

The picture I am showing here is one of the domes at the Chicago Cultural Center, which by the way got good acceptance and favs on flickr.

Published by Sergio Reza

My name is Sergio Reza and I’m a 30-year-old architect/photographer from the Riviera Maya living in Austin, Texas. I find through photography a showcase for creativity and I design my life in accordance to my personal goals and beliefs For me, time is the most valuable thing in life, that’s why I divide it between architecture and photography trying to achieve the perfect equilibrium. My images reflect my personality and oscillate topics like architecture, street, and portrait. I find inspiration in music, books, travel, friends and everyday life. I’m always looking for collaborations with interesting people, feel free to contact me so we can meet and have a nice conversation.

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